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AZMV is a research and development team specialising in generative artificial intelligence. With a fresh perspective and a passion for cutting-edge innovation, we are revolutionizing the AI landscape. With a wealth of diverse talents and backgrounds united by a shared vision, we push the boundaries of what is possible.

Video Game Invention

With a strong commitment to innovation and intelligence, AZMV is actively engaged in cutting-edge research and development (R&D) to shape the future. Our focus is on identifying new growth areas and harnessing advanced technologies that enhance the quality of people's lives and create new value.

At AZMV, our core research themes encompass a wide range of disciplines, including artificial intelligence (AI), data intelligence, next-generation media & communications, and new experiences. We continuously expand our research scope to explore promising fields that enable a new AI-driven lifestyle.

To achieve our goals, we foster global collaboration by working closely with researchers in over three continents, making sure we stay up to date on the world-wide trends. Through these partnerships, we leverage the expertise of renowned universities, research institutes, and industry leaders who possess world-class technologies. Open innovation is a key driver for us as we actively seek out opportunities to cooperate with these esteemed organizations.


AZMV is dedicated to becoming a leading global research institute, driving continuous innovation and intelligence. We are committed to creating new values for the future and solidifying our position as a pioneer in the field.



AZMV is happy to announce our current project: SAIA, an AI-powered chatbot partner that transcends the boundaries of conventional interaction. Through advanced machine learning algorithms and cutting-edge visual processing techniques, we have developed an unprecedented capability—an ultra realistic video chat experience with a real version of you. SAIs have the capability of real-time human-like expression and real time talk and gestures. 



Talk to you soon!

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